Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buck and Zoey

I'm going to copy/paste what Buck and Zoey's mom wrote instead of typing something myself, I loved what she wrote and I don't think I could have told their story better. You can really tell that it came straight from the heart <3 enjoy!......

"In the beginning the yellow lab brother and sister slept in the same crate. Buck was always a big lover boy and by the time he was two, he weighed 120 lbs.! Zoey was petite when compared to Buck and weighed in at 80 lbs. and she could have gone on to become a “therapy” dog. You could make a loud noise or accidentally poke her in the eye and she wouldn’t react. Calm, cool and collected she was and still is at 11 years old. Buck on the other hand was diagnosed with epilepsy just before he turned two and that same year was bit on the nose by a Chow through a fence while on a leisurely walk. We think the effects of the medication and this traumatic experience made him very protective and he had difficulty relating to other dogs (not Zoey though). But, he loved people and getting as many 'pets' as he could. Unfortunately, he died at 8 years old and we miss him dearly. Zoey is now referred to as “Queen Zoey” and goes to work every so often with Stacy and hangs out with Bob and his friends in the back yard. In the end they still slept together on their own separate beds in a section of the garage that was just for them. Our dogs are cheap shrinks and keep us sane. Peace out. "

Also I don't have any projects at the moment, at first I enjoyed the nice little break but I'm starting to develop an ich! So if any of my followers knows can pass me around that would be great!