Monday, August 31, 2009


Ketchup has a really great story. I was coming out of a late night art class when I saw some people crowded around an SUV in the parking lot when I asked what was going on I was told that a kitten was hiding in the wheel of the SUV, she was so scared that no one could get to her. Having been a pet groomer for over a year I had no fear of being scratched or bit by a tiny kitten (and I have the scares to prove it!) I asked if anyone would mind if I gave saving the little kitten a try, and all I did was distract the little guy with one hand and grab her with the other as I stood up with the tiniest kitten in my hands the crowd was already gone and I heard some one yell, "you just got yourself a new kitten." lol wonderful I'll just add this little one to 3 dogs, an adult cat and several goldfish. After bring the tiniest kitten I had ever seen home I remembered that one of my very good friends Corene had been looking for a new kitten, I called her up and she was more then happy to give this little kitten a forever home!

Ketchup (as she is now called) is a little over a year old and happily living with three Yorkshire terriers and an older cat. She was less then 5 pounds when Corene adopted her and now weighs 22 pounds! I love that this little kitty found the perfect home instead of growing up on the streets. : )


Allie's owner came to me only a few days after having to put the 9 year old Cocker Spaniel to sleep. Allie had such a special place in her families hearts. She was born on the same day the father had passed and the whole family believed the little puppy was with them for a reason.

Sadly poor Allie had been diagnosed with epilepsy at the tender age of one, and was in congestive heart failure her last few months on earth, Allie's owners had been threw a rough couple of weeks with Allie and on her last day they made sure she got to go to the beach one last time. The idea behind having a sketch done of Allie was they where putting together a shadow box with a few of Allie's favorite things, some shells they had picked up at the beach on her final day and a lock of her fur.

My deepest condolences to Allie's family, loosing a pet is never easy even when it is whats best for them. I just hope that having this sketch of Allie help you as much as my sketch of Penni helps me.


After the sudden death of Penni, we took some serious time to heal, nether if us ever thought we would be able to fall as deeply (as crazy as this sounds) in love with another dog as had with Penni. But we also knew that for us life just isn't complete with out a furry four legged shadow constently following us around the house.

Thats when we found Shelly : ) She was the only corgi mix at the Orange County Pet Expo, her big (and I mean BIG) brown eyes just called to us, and that was it, we where in love. The LA based rescue group picked Shelly up from the Kern county shelter on her last day before they where going to put her down! * Little side note*- dogs at the Kern County Animal Shelter have only 5 days before they are put down, how Shelly even lasted that long I'll never know, she didn't even last an hour at the expo!

Shelly has brought so much joy and laughter back into our lives. She just such a character all you have to do is look at her oddly shaped body and she just makes you laugh out loud! Shelly's sketch hangs directly under the sketch of Penni in our living room, they are the first things our guest see when they walk threw the door and give us ample opportunity to brag about our girls.

It all started with a little Bulldog

It only took a few months after my Husband and I got married before we decided we needed a dog. We didn't want just any dog, we wanted a puppy! We found a great breeder who was expecting a new litter of Bulldog puppies just in time for Christmas, so that was it, our very first Christmas present to eachother was an 8 week old pure bred English Bulldog puppy. We named her Penelope. We brought her home 4 days before Christmas. Sadly on February 3, 2009 we woke up to find our little girl had passed sometime during the night. She was just 16 weeks old. The vet said she had asperated a carrot piece. We where devistated to say the least, it was as if we had lost a child.

It wasn't till a few weeks ago I decided to pick up my pencil, make sure she would never be forgotten. I took my favorite picture of her, my sketch book, and a few pencils to the pool, I spent the whole afternoon sketching away. When I was finished, it wasn't just a picture of Penni but something special we will hang on our wall for years and years to come.