Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buck and Zoey

I'm going to copy/paste what Buck and Zoey's mom wrote instead of typing something myself, I loved what she wrote and I don't think I could have told their story better. You can really tell that it came straight from the heart <3 enjoy!......

"In the beginning the yellow lab brother and sister slept in the same crate. Buck was always a big lover boy and by the time he was two, he weighed 120 lbs.! Zoey was petite when compared to Buck and weighed in at 80 lbs. and she could have gone on to become a “therapy” dog. You could make a loud noise or accidentally poke her in the eye and she wouldn’t react. Calm, cool and collected she was and still is at 11 years old. Buck on the other hand was diagnosed with epilepsy just before he turned two and that same year was bit on the nose by a Chow through a fence while on a leisurely walk. We think the effects of the medication and this traumatic experience made him very protective and he had difficulty relating to other dogs (not Zoey though). But, he loved people and getting as many 'pets' as he could. Unfortunately, he died at 8 years old and we miss him dearly. Zoey is now referred to as “Queen Zoey” and goes to work every so often with Stacy and hangs out with Bob and his friends in the back yard. In the end they still slept together on their own separate beds in a section of the garage that was just for them. Our dogs are cheap shrinks and keep us sane. Peace out. "

Also I don't have any projects at the moment, at first I enjoyed the nice little break but I'm starting to develop an ich! So if any of my followers knows can pass me around that would be great!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well this is the post I am most excited about, this is Tigger our newest addition. Her story started a little over a year ago. When my husband and I where looking for a puppy we found a breeder who had an amazing all brindle Bulldog about to have puppies just in time for Christmas! Out of the three puppies she produced Penni was one of them. When we lost Penni we knew that we would eventually get another Bulldog, we had fallen in love with the breed. We tried very hard but finding an adult English Bulldog for a reasonable price isn't as easy as it sounds and try doing while living in an apartment and being military. We went many months went by and we constantly looked threw the shelters in our area, we where on Criagslist hourly we even tried the San Diego English Bulldog Rescue but where turned down ( if you want to know why I'll send you a nice long email). After that we had just about given up and decided that once my husband re- enlisted with his bonus we would buy a puppy. Then I went back to Penni's breeders website and noticed she had a female dog that needed a home (not tigger) When I contacted her about the dog she informed me that she had posed it for a friend and I'd have to talk to her, but, she said that she was thinking about retiring Tigger and if we might think about giving her a good home. Well really there was no thinking about it, almost a year sense we decided to get a bulldog we were finally going to have her! Sense the day we brought her home Tigger has been such a blessing to our little family, she is extremely easy going and is constently making us laugh. Her and Shelly have a few issues but we are working threw them : ) and they are getting along better and better everyday. Now this sketch I did not originaly draw for myself, actually I drew it for Tiggers first family with whom she spent the first 4 years of her life with I knew how hard it must have been for them and I wanted them to know that she is in the best of homes with a family that loves her to no end. Now Tiggers old family has this sketch and I have a copy that will hang right next to penni and shelly's.


Dorothy (AKA Dot) seemed to have a rather rough beginning. She was taken from her mother at an early age, and had to be bottle fed by her foster family. She spent an entire month up for adoption at petco, because she needed to be in a quite home with no children, because new people make her very nervous. Her family tells me that even though when the door bell rings she runs for the hills, she is the most loving and affectionate cat they have ever had, constantly following them around, and even fetching her toys! On March 6th little Dot will be celebrating her 10th birthday!


Bailey the cat

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lucy, Rufus and Jack (THE PACK)

These three have a very special place in my heart. They are my parents dogs yes all three of them : ) I will start with Lucy, who just celebrated her 13th Birthday! Miss Lucy came to us when she was just a puppy, when one of our neighbors decided they couldn't keep her anymore do to there growing family. I have a vivid memory of my family and my neighbor all standing in the the kitchen and my mom with this little beagle puppy in her arms when the little furball fell asleep we all knew she wasn't leaving. The next 13 years of her life where spent torturing our German shepherd (radical), steeling food from the table or right out of your hand and following her nose where ever it took her even when it was to the car dealer ship down the street or Carls Jr. around the corner. For a beagle she was very eager to learn (for food anyway) and by the age of 4 knew just about every trick in the book even getting her picture in the news paper once for knowing how to answer the phone on command. Now a days its a little harder for her to get around (although I hear she still has her zoomies moments) its a little harder for her to hear and see and smell but given the opportunity she will still steal food off the table and follow her nose down the street.
Rufus (AKA The Big Dog) came to us a few months after the passing of our first Dog Radical, from the Orange County Animal Shelter. The poor guy had been picked up from the streets of L.A. and had been in the L.A. Shelter for so long till the O.C. Shelter picked him up on one of his last days. When we adopted him they told us he was about a year or so old. They also mentioned he had some issues with men but seemed to get along fine with the men in our family so he came home with us. But it wasn't long before his true self came out and we realized his aggression toward not just men but other dogs as well was in the red zone. He then became my personal project. I tried my very best to teach him that nothing would ever hurt him as long as I was around. This brought us very close and he became "my boy" (as still is). But even with all my good intentions Rufus was beyond my experience, he had to be sent to a professional trainer for 8 weeks. When he came back he was truly an better dog. He grew to love walks on the beach where he could play in the water and with other dogs. While he still has some issues its hard to look past that scruffy face with his big eye brows and truly be upset with him for long.
And then there is Jack. Who wasn't planned (but then again I don't think any of our dogs were) he was just a little black and white Chihuahua puppy at a pet store, but when you held him he literally held back and it was very hard for any of us to say no. Jack is your typical Chihuahua, he's needy, bouncy, loves to cuddle, will sleep all day under the covers with you if your sick, and has a personal vendetta with the mail man and the mail. All 6 pounds of him can tell 100+ pound rufus what to do with just a look, he really has no concept of his size. Both my parents are guilty of babying him (not that there is anything wrong with that ; )) my mom will carry him around in her bathrobe in the morning so she can hold him and sweep at the same time and my dad carries him around in the crook of his arm while Jack lays on his back like a baby. Little Jack loves his Lucy though he will sit and clean her ears and her eyes, loves to sleep on top of her in his eyes she can do no wrong.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Post in January

I wanted to apologize for the lack of post lately I have been busy busy busy sketching. BUT I have to wait till January to post them for a few reasons but they will be up as soon as I get the ok from there owners : )

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest addition to our little family. Tigger. She has an extremely special place in our hearts I will explain more when I finish her sketch ; ) but till then enjoy this Christmas picture of our two girls!

So till January.... I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Monday, October 12, 2009

DeeDee, Zoey and Roxy

DeeDee, Zoey and Roxy are Ketchups "sisters" : )