Friday, January 8, 2010


Well this is the post I am most excited about, this is Tigger our newest addition. Her story started a little over a year ago. When my husband and I where looking for a puppy we found a breeder who had an amazing all brindle Bulldog about to have puppies just in time for Christmas! Out of the three puppies she produced Penni was one of them. When we lost Penni we knew that we would eventually get another Bulldog, we had fallen in love with the breed. We tried very hard but finding an adult English Bulldog for a reasonable price isn't as easy as it sounds and try doing while living in an apartment and being military. We went many months went by and we constantly looked threw the shelters in our area, we where on Criagslist hourly we even tried the San Diego English Bulldog Rescue but where turned down ( if you want to know why I'll send you a nice long email). After that we had just about given up and decided that once my husband re- enlisted with his bonus we would buy a puppy. Then I went back to Penni's breeders website and noticed she had a female dog that needed a home (not tigger) When I contacted her about the dog she informed me that she had posed it for a friend and I'd have to talk to her, but, she said that she was thinking about retiring Tigger and if we might think about giving her a good home. Well really there was no thinking about it, almost a year sense we decided to get a bulldog we were finally going to have her! Sense the day we brought her home Tigger has been such a blessing to our little family, she is extremely easy going and is constently making us laugh. Her and Shelly have a few issues but we are working threw them : ) and they are getting along better and better everyday. Now this sketch I did not originaly draw for myself, actually I drew it for Tiggers first family with whom she spent the first 4 years of her life with I knew how hard it must have been for them and I wanted them to know that she is in the best of homes with a family that loves her to no end. Now Tiggers old family has this sketch and I have a copy that will hang right next to penni and shelly's.

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