Monday, August 31, 2009


Ketchup has a really great story. I was coming out of a late night art class when I saw some people crowded around an SUV in the parking lot when I asked what was going on I was told that a kitten was hiding in the wheel of the SUV, she was so scared that no one could get to her. Having been a pet groomer for over a year I had no fear of being scratched or bit by a tiny kitten (and I have the scares to prove it!) I asked if anyone would mind if I gave saving the little kitten a try, and all I did was distract the little guy with one hand and grab her with the other as I stood up with the tiniest kitten in my hands the crowd was already gone and I heard some one yell, "you just got yourself a new kitten." lol wonderful I'll just add this little one to 3 dogs, an adult cat and several goldfish. After bring the tiniest kitten I had ever seen home I remembered that one of my very good friends Corene had been looking for a new kitten, I called her up and she was more then happy to give this little kitten a forever home!

Ketchup (as she is now called) is a little over a year old and happily living with three Yorkshire terriers and an older cat. She was less then 5 pounds when Corene adopted her and now weighs 22 pounds! I love that this little kitty found the perfect home instead of growing up on the streets. : )

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