Monday, August 31, 2009

It all started with a little Bulldog

It only took a few months after my Husband and I got married before we decided we needed a dog. We didn't want just any dog, we wanted a puppy! We found a great breeder who was expecting a new litter of Bulldog puppies just in time for Christmas, so that was it, our very first Christmas present to eachother was an 8 week old pure bred English Bulldog puppy. We named her Penelope. We brought her home 4 days before Christmas. Sadly on February 3, 2009 we woke up to find our little girl had passed sometime during the night. She was just 16 weeks old. The vet said she had asperated a carrot piece. We where devistated to say the least, it was as if we had lost a child.

It wasn't till a few weeks ago I decided to pick up my pencil, make sure she would never be forgotten. I took my favorite picture of her, my sketch book, and a few pencils to the pool, I spent the whole afternoon sketching away. When I was finished, it wasn't just a picture of Penni but something special we will hang on our wall for years and years to come.

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