Monday, August 31, 2009


After the sudden death of Penni, we took some serious time to heal, nether if us ever thought we would be able to fall as deeply (as crazy as this sounds) in love with another dog as had with Penni. But we also knew that for us life just isn't complete with out a furry four legged shadow constently following us around the house.

Thats when we found Shelly : ) She was the only corgi mix at the Orange County Pet Expo, her big (and I mean BIG) brown eyes just called to us, and that was it, we where in love. The LA based rescue group picked Shelly up from the Kern county shelter on her last day before they where going to put her down! * Little side note*- dogs at the Kern County Animal Shelter have only 5 days before they are put down, how Shelly even lasted that long I'll never know, she didn't even last an hour at the expo!

Shelly has brought so much joy and laughter back into our lives. She just such a character all you have to do is look at her oddly shaped body and she just makes you laugh out loud! Shelly's sketch hangs directly under the sketch of Penni in our living room, they are the first things our guest see when they walk threw the door and give us ample opportunity to brag about our girls.

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